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Before I get into this article I would like to reveal that a study by the National Employment Association, confirmed over 80% of people who accepted a counter offer with their employer, no longer worked for said employer 6 months after accepting.


1. Your job could and probably will be in danger!
Most employers are only loyal to their need of you, not you as an individual. Your employer may just want you to stick around long enough for them to find a suitable replacement.


2. Why did you want to leave in the first place?
If the only thing that convinced you to seek alternative employment was the money, staying might not be as big of a risk. Money seldom is the only reason though… If there are issues other than the money, are they guaranteed to change? If you’re promised they will, get it in writing so you can reference back to it.


3. How will you be treated?
It’s highly likely your employer will expect a lot more work out of you. Also, your loyalty to the company will now be in question! It will probably create friction between you and your co-workers.


4. Where did the raise come from?
The raise they offered you was probably your next raise… possibly even for the next several years or more!


5. You had to resign to get a raise!
Enough said!


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