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1. Grammatical errors!
I know I am swiftly rehashing a topic covered on a previous article, but this is so important! I cannot stress this enough.
It is so easy to correct this by running all the text on your CV through Click here to visit Grammar Check


2. Formatting!
unless you’re applying for an artsy job e.g. graphic design, keep things basic. You want to keep font small and readable (not comic sans!), keep consistent spacing throughout your CV. Also, Stay clear of adding  diagrams and images.


3. Too long!
Your CV should be a maximum of 2 pages long, I would personally recommend creating a 1 page CV.  You’re seeking employment, not writing a novel about a hobbit traveling to a gigantic volcano to destroy a ring!


4. Lies!
Lying on your CV is bound to come back to bite you! Especially if you’re in a niche industry where everyone is connected. You risk missing out on your dream job, while also potentially ruining your reputation. Trust me! it’s not worth it!


5. Proving incorrect contact information or none!
It doesn’t matter how good your CV is, if you haven’t included your contact details on it, you’re not going to be hearing anything back! it’s surprising how common this is… Make sure you always include your email address and phone number at the least.


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